Late Night Compassion

So, I’m sat here listening to Alan Watts, there is something about his voice when he conveys his philosophy, it soothes my soul. His meaningful approach to teach me to understand the universe, works in a way, which conveys no truth, only understanding. I came upon him by accident after reading ‘Tao Te Ching’ and other certain philosophies along the same principle. There is a certain feeling I get from understanding that there are other people that have felt or feel the same way that I do, and it makes it all a lot easier to bear. To have people sharing their own thoughts and feelings gives more precedent to my own. I’m not alone in my thoughts.

There are a lot of things that I have learnt from these understandings but the three main points that I came across were:

  1. To let go of desire. (The truth behind letting go of desire is in its self an act of desire. It is therefore a paradox.)
  2. The basis of life itself is a concept of duality. (To exist is to contemplate existing, through this we have good and bad, positive and negative, love and hate, happy and sad. Through life there is always an opposite. A certain sense of symmetry.)
  3. There is only the moment. (There is no past, there is no future, there is only the now. So, to waste time worrying about either of these ideas that don’t exist is a waste of the now.)

This got me thinking to the way that society works. The whole foundation of governments and materialistic ideologies  center around consumerism. They want you to desire, so they can keep people in place, so they have the control. The sad truth from this is that there is never a person who deserves to oversee everybody, because we are all different. The only truth we can ever  know is the truth of Earth, and we are destroying it. The Earth itself will remain though and it will be here far long after we have all gone.

So, if you, like me, find yourself collecting your thoughts in the middle of the night as I close my eyes to sleep. If you, like me ask yourself: ‘Am I happy in doing what I do?’, ‘If I could do anything in the world, what would it be?’, ‘Why am I wasting my time, doing something that doesn’t make me happy?’. ‘I know that to live a life where I am not being true to myself, then am I not merely wasting my life?’ ‘Irrespective of earning money to survive. I am merely surviving to live a life I don’t want. Is it therefore not better to live a short life doing something that I would love, than a long life where I do what I dislike?’

Then just know that you are not alone. Peace and love as always.



Remember to love yourself, be yourself and give yourself acknowledgments of your own success. It doesn’t matter what kind of achievement it is, even if its taking yourself out on a walk for 10 minutes, be proud of that, be proud of you. We live in a world where everything is fast paced and demand is high, we often neglect ourselves in the process of this, we often neglect one another in the process of this. Know that we are not machines, we are human beings, it is okay to feel, it is okay to cry, it is okay to feel lost some times, that just means you’re alive. Just take a moment out of your day to know yourself, a quiet place where you can appreciate you for who you are. Try not to be too hard on others, it is their world too.

Peace and love!EMOTICON

One consciousness- Thought hypothesis


This is an idea that has come to me more recently on one of my morning jogs, as I contemplate being, as I contemplate existing. After this thought I began to search for other people with similar ideas, but was a struggle for me to find anything, until i stumbled upon a quote by Schrodinger:

“The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one.”
― Erwin Schrodinger

It seemed to fit well with my hypothesis of our own living consciousness. After realizing this, I came across an idea called ‘Vedanta’. Now this is fairly new to me too, but the idea ‘Vedanta’ is comprised of two words Veda ( knowledge) Anta (End). It comprises the idea of eternal living which leads to self-realization.

After reading upon these things it made me happy that my own hypothesis, had a background of sorts, with which i can build the idea on and make it more whole.

So please read on for what I theorize, I apologize for my grammar, I wrote this literally after I came to understand it myself and the words just flew from my brain onto the page, so it may not make much sense, I will make an edit at some point when I have more delivered ideas supporting my hypothesis.

My theory is that we are born of thoughts. We exist as thoughts, but only one single thought. Our lives have a meaning of only that one single thought in the grand scheme of everything, we are all electrons within the brain of a bigger idea. In example we are all the structure of one human brain, our thoughts, our lives and meaning only matter because we are a thought in this humans head. We exist to be prominent within the idea of this mind, we exist to interact to give meaning to ideas. A thought in me can meet a thought in another person and that means we are the meaning and cause, if we have a baby we are giving birth to new thought a new idea. Just as we ourselves give birth to new thoughts and ideas, this is why the universe is all connected, this is why when we think what we want from life we will get it. We are just a thought a single thought, so our conscious can make other things relevant to the thought that we are, when we die that is the death of that thought, when we live to an old age that is the life of that thought, when we leave a legacy that is our thought being stored within the archives of the mind. We are not many thoughts like we have in our heads, we are only one thought, the thing that matters the most in our own ideas is the thought that we possess.

The idea of the universe now is in an adult stage it has evolved from its infantile, angry stage of life, that is like that of a young boys of aggression and anger, we have developed into a sophisticated adult with the idea that we have brought about and the changes that are being made within the world. When there are storms and hurricanes and other adverse weather effects that is the idea of a headache or flu within the conscious of the world. Our inhabitant of the universe is simply taken ill. The universe is how we perceive it, but that is the process of the mind of the inhabitant, so we are able to define it because we are it. We are the thought and action and the consequence we are the mind and connected on a universal level, we are electrons that run through the mind of an inhabitant that is how we are all able to function with knowledge of each other. We are all the consciousness, that is how we are able to think positive and negatively and that is what effects the nature of our universe entirely, just as we are to focus on bad will make bad and good will make good, internally our inhabitant has that power, we are after all the collective thoughts of their mind.


To become what I always hated

A nothing of social status

A loss of life and love

People gone for eternal time

Some things can’t remain

Losing a mind, is often uncharacteristic

The feeling that there is more than this

Who else is here to identify with

When they all leave in the end

What do you class as a friend

It is the pattern of life

Animals in a kingdom long broken

What matters to me, the quite unspoken

I draw my breath and promise no more regret

This is life, this is my day

Contemplating happiness through misery

Just live, breathe in again

Automatic, just like thoughts that are caught

Wind takes all away



We lived once before, a time long ago

A world more kind, with little to know

They came to us, they showed us their truth

We expressed their wish, we gave them our youth

The time it aged us, they remained untouched

We began to understand, we gained consciousness

These emotions that tame, language became

Out of nothing, came something, they did not remain

They left us to contemplate, to deliberate, and seal our fate

We became smarter, within the confines we create

We lost ourselves along the way, a price we had to pay

To contemplate our meaning with the day to day

We dress ourselves, with a meaning not our own

We talk behind closed doors, delivered through phones

We hide ourselves from something once known

To convince ourselves that we are not alone

They paint a picture our young minds conceit

A life of happiness if you accept your defeat

You look around and you see others like yourself

They all look alike, they wear the same clothes

They smell the same, and pass you by

You share their laughter, you watch them cry

They live their life, day to day

Your soul screams to you, ‘was it always this way?’

Was daylight to be spent working away

For a cause more than sense to bring in money

In the end what would they say of you

That you tried all you could, then share in a song or two

The memory soon to fade as life takes them too

When you stay awake at night, thinking of the more you could do

If only the time was on my side

If only I didn’t have to buy that new ride

That new television, that new technology

Then I could live by my own philosophy

This is the only truth I have known

I need a spouse, a child, a home

That is the purpose, of all others before

To pass my genes on, so they can sell more

Make more, and keep us a slave to our freedom

To buy into their philosophy, that we can redeem redemption

Our God of neon light, of touchscreen capability, our aid to our plight

To correlate the data, our own predictability, we choose not to fight

A sense of peace in existence but not in the mind

You know this yourself, when you search forward to find

A peace you once knew, but you left behind

Forgive them that don’t, for they are merely blind

They see with their eyes and know only jealousy

Of wanting more, than they could ever hope to be

The possibility Is endless you should always agree

To practice in life the act of positivity

We seek only what we can’t comprehend

So, we can live our lives in what we pretend

To be what we need, then we click send

So, we don’t have to attack what we want to defend.

Positive Thinking


Doubt. We’ve all been there, right?

I know I have. My thoughts are constantly plagued with:

‘You aren’t good enough, you will never achieve that success, other people wont like it.’

Then I have thoughts of being successful and the implications of success, and I fear it. This is the reason why I have so many unfinished novels, and screenplays, it is the doubt I have in my own ability, especially when there are so many more talented people out there. What do I have to offer?

This was my reasons for starting a blog. Something that I have put off for over 10 years. Even when I started university, I was instructed that I should start a blog, for employment purposes and to see how to improve etc…

I just never thought myself of having anything worthwhile to say. Besides, hasn’t everything worthwhile not already been said before?

Even now I find myself Google searching whatever thought is plaguing my mind, just to find an answer. Recently, it has been interpretations of dreams. I’ve had some vivid dreams of late, crazy dreams. Maybe I will post these in another blog post at some point.

I digress, it is with this understanding that I have come to learn that negative way of thinking can have an adverse effect, I mean, I haven’t had a book published, I haven’t had my screenplay filmed.

So then, what is my purpose?

If I’m always approaching things with a half-arsed attitude, always one foot out of the door.

What do I hope to achieve?

Why do I do this?

It is doubt. The belief that I’m not as good as I would like to believe that I am.

This brings me to question, can this all be resolved by positive thinking?

Positive thinking vs negative thinking

It has been brought to my attention that positive thinking can have a profound effect on a person’s life. There are many cases where people have thought positively about something that they wish to achieve, set this as their goal, and as a result it has given them something to work towards and thus achieve.

So, how far can positive thinking go?

Many scientists believe that it has to do with the way that particles react through the energy that is created and for you to know what you want to achieve in your mind will then make the universe go out of its way for you to achieve it.

It has certain limitations though. You aren’t going to win the lottery by the power of positive thinking. It also does require effort from your part for you to achieve it. It seems to me that it all comes down to the notion of mind over matter, just like Buddhist monks walking over hot coals, it is your mental capability that can far outreach that of your physical capabilities.

Take the Dutch guy ‘Wim Hof ‘ who placed himself in ice for just under two hours and is able to control his core body temperature.

So, this brings me to the question of:

Do we have an untapped mental capability that only few of us are able to achieve?

Is this another part of the brain that we need to unlock, so that we may evolve ourselves?

If positive thinking gives way to positive energy and success and other positive people flocking towards your ever-increasing positivity, then therefore the same may be thought of for negative thinking.

Give yourself over to negative thoughts and feelings and you find yourself in the company of likewise people; cynics, self-loathing, deprecating people. The Dementors from the Harry Potter books come to mind.

After realising this I have come to know that nothing major was ever achieved in life from a can’t do attitude, wherever someone has said something cannot be achieved, it has given way for great minds to disprove them. Cases of this are being able to fly, being able to traverse the sound barrier, traveling into space, and so on.

With this being the case in life and for most participants within life, which group would you rather be associated with, I know which one I would choose the side of.

It is with this knowledge and understanding that I plan to finish my novels, and to send off my screenplays, I can’t get positivity if I’m always so doubtful.

Peace and Love as always!


Happy International Peace Day!

It is a hope that we may all be able to live in peace one day.

I only wish to spread the knowledge of peace on this day and as someone once said to me: “If you can’t say what you want to say better than someone who has said it before, then use their words but know them as your own.”

So, I will steal a quote from Buddah to better enlighten my understanding of living a life of peace.

“Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.”